"Did you know you can learn how to fly online? Did you know the FAA encourages it?"

It's true. There's no FAA requirement to study in a formal ground school, or even to do ground school at all. You can save hundreds or even thousands by learning online and challenging the FAA Written Examinations. FAA Advisory Circular (AC) No: 61-65D states:

COMPLETION OF GROUND TRAINING OR A HOME STUDY CURRICULUM. Ground training courses to prepare for the aeronautical knowledge test may be offered by pilot schools, colleges, aviation organizations, and individual flight or ground instructors.

Why is this our number #1 recommended study kit?"

Complete Pilot managed to assemble something I only dreamed possible--a complete beginners guide to fixed wing and helicopter flight and priced it for hundreds less.

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Our #1 Recommended Product - Complete Pilot

"Complete Pilot is the perfect combination of course length and comprehensiveness while being organized neatly enough to prevent beginners from being overwhelmed."

When veteran pilot Bruce Hogan undertook Complete Pilot, I don't know if he realized the gravity of his goals. He set out to not only help ab initios learn how to fly a fixed wing aircraft, he also wanted the same training package to teach a total beginner how to fly helicopters too. The kicker: online.

It was to my shock that Bruce pulled it off. Bruce has amassed a tremendous amount of material sourced from FAA handbooks, his personal experience, FAA Written Exams and more. When I first reviewed Complete Pilot, I was shocked that this kit did not cost as much as traditional ground school--and at the same time, offered so much more. I don't know if I can recommend new flyers undertake traditional ground schooling anymore... it might just be a waste of money.

  • Self Study Pack Containing 26,000 Q&A's and Private Pilot License (PPL) Syllabus Exams
  • Helicopter and Fixed Wing Pilot Training Manuals for Beginners
  • Ground School Self Study Course with 2,000 Pages of Flight Training Manuals

  • Our #2 Recommended Product - PPL Exam Pro

    "PPL Exam Pro is like Complete Pilot with less content--but the content it does have is in a neater package."

    When I reviewed PPL Exam Pro, I initially thought it would be a direct competitor to Complete Pilot--it's not. Instead, it'd be more accurately described as a supplement to Complete Pilot. Instead of being a comprehensive self study package, PPL Exam Pro is more like a fast way to learn just the FAA Written Exams. Instead of reading the exams and quizzing yourself out of a book like Complete Pilot, PPL Exam Pro helps you study in software form on your computer.

  • 2,000 FAA Exam Question Study Software
  • Desktop Software For Your PC
  • Free Demo

  • Clear Blue Yonder

    "Clear Blue Yonder is a retailer that sells Official FAA Training Manuals in downloadable format, segmented into individual purchases"

    The FAA produces their own training manuals and guidebooks that are available to beginner & veteran pilots alike. These are the guidebooks that Complete Pilot and PPL Exam Pro reference in their study packages. However, Clear Blue Yonder sells them directly segmented into separate purchases, requiring many separate purchases to attain the level of content that Complete Pilot has out of the box. If you're a stickler to learn directly from the FAA, Clear Blue Yonder may be worth the higher price and separate purchases. If not, I'd look elsewhere.

  • Official FAA Study Guides in Downloadable Format
  • All Guides are Divvied up into Separate Purchases
  • Overall, less comprehensive without a real pilot's touch

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